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Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

Body Care



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The approach of Elixar


Elixar is specialised in sourcing the best essential oils, spices and noble materials. We are attentive to the olfactive sense in particular because a fragrance is the invisible binding element that connects us to vivid experiences.

Together, we can awake the senses of many generations to come.

Baby Sniffing
demon Elixar flame


A scent, a gift, a special moment… we help you sharing feelings and enjoying life.

Get transported by beauty, music and emotions: reach beyond well-being to attain well-living.

Elixar accompanies active and connected lives.


Our logo flame-of-life represents the double helix of the DNA which is the biological fabric common to all living organisms on Earth:

all connected & infinitely diverse.

Each oil, each spice and each material come from the alchemy of a climate, a territory and a community working as an ever evolving ecosystem.

Asian Nature Beauty

Gift of Life

Elixar exists to perpetuate the ancestral knowledge of what makes life special and beautiful… We give you access to the natural potions that spark great memorable moments.

Our compositions make your senses best connect with your body, with people around you, and with all the wonders of our natural world.

We embrace a technological and dynamic world where our senses are what keeps us human, real and relevant. (foundation